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Allied Telesis Capital Corporation (ATCC) currently provides Voice, Video, and Data service to AAFES facilities in Korea, Japan, and Okinawa and will assume Residential Internet services on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur on 1 February 2022.  The main customer service and support center is in Yokota AB Tokyo Japan.  There will be local operational staff to support our Kwajalein customers.

The price remains unchanged at $87.50 Monthly.  The IP addresses will remain the same through the service transfer.  Service will continue to improve as systems are upgraded.

To prevent disruption in service during the transition, Customers will be directed to to register for Feb service.


Once the system is transferred to Allied Telesis, customers will be presented with a sign-up page when first accessing the Internet Service.  They can pick the desired service period from 1 day to several months and make payment by credit/debit card or pre-paid credit card available at the Exchange Express.

The transaction is through a US Bank in US dollars.

The service is designed to be an “Always On” service where the modems/Wi-Fi routers remain in the residential units.   This ensures customers don’t have to bother with equipment and the service is always available.

Customer service:
Please identify as a Kwajalein customer

Phone: 1-415-692-8300 (US Number)

Store Email:

Support E-mail:

Web Site:


Please Register To Prevent Service Disruption After 31 January 2022

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